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Do you have a vagina related question? Need a second opinion that isn’t Google? Ask me! Together we can find you the answers you need or direct you in the right direction.

Justisse Method Education

Ready to never be surprised by your period again? Learn to chart your menstrual cycle using the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness for natural birth control, to improve your chances of conceiving, or to learn more about your body and never be stuck without tampons again.

Vaginal Steam Plans

Vaginal steaming, also known as v steams or yoni steaming, is like steaming your face but better. Using just gentle steam and herbs, you can relieve painful periods, increase sexual pleasure, heal postpartum and more. Custom plans are based on your individual needs and include recommendations on herbs, steaming practice consultation, and follow up session on progress.

*This is for a custom steam plan for you to do at home. Herb blends are currently separate.


Abortion Doula Support

The decision to have an abortion is complex and you deserve to be supported and deeply cared for during this time. I provide full spectrum support, which can include discussing options, attending your appointment with you, emotional support, and aftercare.