V is a vagina enthusiast, advocate, and student. The Cuntsultant is the culmination of her lifelong pursuit to learn as much as possible about the vagina and the people who have them -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She strongly believes that all female bodied people should be empowered to know more about their bodies and the way they work. She is passionate about reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ inclusion, full spectrum care, abortion access and provocation in the name of education. She is currently a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner intern and a member of the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals.


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Steam Healing Institute Practitioner Training (2017)

Journey of Young Women Training (2016)

Usui Reiki Mastership (2016)

Rape Crisis Hotline Volunteer Training (2011)


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Cunt: Derivative of the Oriental Great Goddess as Cunti, or Kunda, the Yoni of the Uni-verse. From the same root came country, kin and kind...Other cognates are "cunabula," a cradle, or earliest abode; "Cunia," a Roman Goddess who protected children in the cradle; "cunctipotent," all-powerful (i.e., having cunt-magic);...also cunning, kenning, and ken: knowledge, learning, insight, remembrance, wisdom. Cunt is 'not slang, dialect or any marginal form, but a true language word, and of the oldest stock.'...In ancient writings, the word for 'cunt' was synonymous with 'woman,' though not in the insulting modern sense.
From Barbara G. Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets