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Do you have a vagina related question? Need a second opinion from a knowledgeable source (not Google)? Schedule a Cuntsultation and let’s get into it! No such thing as TMI.

Justisse Method Fertility Awareness Education

Ready to never be surprised by your period again? Wanna ditch the pill but not get pregnant? Or have you read all the books but just need a real person to walk you through how to do fertility awareness?

Learn to chart your menstrual cycle using the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness for natural birth control, to improve your chances of conceiving, or to learn more about your body and never be stuck without tampons again.


Abortion Doula Support

The decision to have an abortion is complex and you deserve to be supported and deeply cared for during this time. I provide full spectrum support, which can include discussing options, attending your appointment with you, emotional support, and aftercare.


Bring the Cuntsultant to your event

Have big mouth and menstrual knowledge, will travel. I speak and teach on the menstrual cycle, alternative menstrual products, fertility awareness, birth control options, abortion (in a social, political, and personal context), and social issues related to reproductive health and wellness. Book me for your next event, workshop, or panel. Check out some examples of my speaking here (under Press).